Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I bought my ticket online, now what?

A: You will NOT get a paper ticket in the mail. Simply come to Homes Tour Headquarters at the COMMUNITY HOUSE on NOVEMBER 11 starting at 11 AM to check in and get your brochure map. We will have a list of names of online ticket purchasers as well as the number of tickets they purchased.  

A: Everyone attending the Homes Tour NEEDS TO CHECK IN prior to starting the tour in order to exchange their ticket for a tour brochure. The brochure is your ticket into the homes, and has a list of all the homes on the tour.


Q: I bought my ticket at Mojo's.  Do I still need to check in at Homes Tour HQ?

A: We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but due to the risks associated with entering private homes, CHILDREN ARE NOT PERMITTED to participate in the Homes Tour.

Q: I can't find a sitter.  Is it ok if I just bring my child with me?

A: OLDER CHILDREN MAY BE PERMITTED to attend if you feel your child is mature and respectful enough to participate. 

However please understand that if your children do not behave properly, you will be asked to leave and you will not be permitted to continue the tour.

Q: My child is 12 years old and would really like to come along on the tour, can I bring them with me?

A: We ask that NO PHOTOS or VIDEOS be taken in the homes, please.

Q: Can we take photos in the homes?

A: No.  You must TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF before entering each home.  We will provide shoe bags to put your shoes in while you are in the home.  We suggest you wear slip-on, easy on-off shoes.

Q: Are shoes permitted in the homes?